Original Bible Verse Collection

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bible_verse_collectionThere is a major update to the Bible Verse Collection, which is the New Interactive Bible Verse Collection.

This collection contains over 600 carefully selected verses from the Bible which have been organized by Book of the Bible into 18 subject categories.  Each verse has a direct link to BibleGateway.com so that the entire context of the verse can be easily be read. 56 verses have been recently added to the Bible Verse Collection. The lists of Bible verses in each category is also printable.

Click Here to Print Page

Click on “Print Page” above and on each page for a printer-friendly listing of the Bible verses in each category.  Click on a category to see that list:

Humble Thankfulness to God
Comfort and Hope
Joy in the Lord
Strength through God
Blessings from God
Seek and You Will Find
Praise to God
Developing Ourselves in Christ
The Gift of Grace from Jesus Christ
Love in Christ
The One and Only God
God is Everywhere, and in Us
Responding to the Call of God
Memory Verses for Children
Unexpected Bible Verses
Authority of God’s Word

There are also other Bible verse lists and pages available:

Bible Verses Explaining Salvation through Jesus Christ
New Interactive Bible Verse Collection
Recently Added Verses to the Bible Verse Collection
Deeper in God’s Word John 14:6
Deeper in God’s Word Psalm 118:24
Phantom Bible Verses


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