Bible Challenge Quiz

Test out your knowledge of the Bible with these interactive, self-scoring quizzes.

Did It Come From The Bible?

Ten common saying / proverbs are shown, but did they originate from the Bible, and if so where?  Try this self scoring challenge, with 2 points for a correct answer, and 1 point if you think it came from the Bible, but were not sure where.

Did it Come From the Bible?

There are a large number of sayings, proverbs, quotes, phrases, maxims, and idioms commonly used in the English language today that originated from the Bible. There are also a large number that did not. Can you identify the phrases that originated form the Bible, and for extra credit, from which Bible verse they came?

The dictionary defines:
A proverb as a short popular saying that expresses effectively some commonplace truth or useful thought.
A maxim as a brief expression of a general truth, principle, or rule of conduct.
An idiom as an expression whose meaning is not predictable from the usual meaning of its elements.

Choose whether or not each phrase came from the Bible, and from which verse it came. If available, the chapter heading of the Bible verse is supplied as a clue (NIV).  (Note: If you select that the saying came from the Bible but you were not sure where, and it did come from the Bible, you will get one point credit even though the quiz says you were incorrect).